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A Brief History of this 1953 Packard Clipper

Owner: Mr. Kevin Williams

Purchased April 2012

Kevin sent what he knows about the car, most of which was passed on verbally. As many of you will understand the original paperwork often gets lost in the midst of time.

The car was commissioned in 1953 for an English client and was exported straight to England from the factory as a right-hand driver. It was then exported back to The States where it was used for some film work. Sadly the films it is in are unknown but if anyone spots or knows of a 53 Packard Clipper featuring in a film let us know.

According to Bonhams Auctioneers  of Oxford the owner of a large collection of classic cars sold off some of his vehicles to raise money. The auction and a write up of it is featured in Classic American magazine (no. 253 MAY 2012) and you can see the car in one of the pictures in the article. It was successfully sold as a project car.

Kevin bought it as a non-runner and over the last 3 years has restored her to running. He has attempted to keep the vehicle as original as possible as far as is practicable.

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More About The 1953 Packard Clipper Deluxe

America’s Most Exciting Car! Packard. Ask The Man Who Owns One!

After the years of wartime austerity, it was the decade of convenience and dynamic obsolescence and the design revolution driven by Harley Earl of General Motors was picking up momentum. 1953 was the year that Marilyn Monroe graced the pages of Playboy and Elvis Presley swaggered into Sun Studios. Packard was being led by new CEO James Nance a marketing guru recruited from Hotpoint. He was to vanguard a challenge against the big luxury marques such as Cadillac. He introduced the low production Packard Caribbean convertible and ultimately headed up Fords’ Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln division before getting the boot for the poor Edsel sales in 59.

The Clipper, the mid-range automobile in the 53 lineup, replaced the series 200 and was presented as an alternative to the Buicks and Chryslers that competed in the same price bracket.

The Packards of 1953 used the same body design, engine and transmission as before, but there were upgrades in horsepower.

The jet hood ornament returned along with a newly designed grille and some neat design changes to the exterior trim including a new molding that extended along the rear fender. Also notable is the subtle fins which Packard dubbed as “fishtails”.

IMPORTANT: The details below are for a ‘standard’ vehicle and are not representative of the car shown which may have had options added when purchased.

    • Clipper introduced in 1953
    • Bodystyle 51-54
    • Predecessor Series 200
    • Cars produced 26,037
    • 427 cubic inch, Thunderbolt, 8 Cylinder, 4 barrels
    • Broadcloth interior
    • Hood ornament
    • Full length side molding
    • Rear fender tip moldings – fishtails
    • Stainless front fender, door and beltline molding
    • Front and rear window surround moldings
    • Turn signals
    • Rear fender skirts
    • Wheel trim rings
    • Electric clock
    • Glove box light
    • Buick Super
    • Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight
    • Chrysler Windsor Deluxe
    • DeSoto Firedome
    • Hudson Hornet
    • Kaiser Manhattan
    • Nash Ambassador
    • Wheelbase 122.0in
    • Length 213.1in
    • Width 77.8in
    • Height 62.8in
    • Legroom (front) 43.8in
    • Legroom (rear) 41.5in
    • Fuel capacity (gals) 20.0

Period Advertising

On the quayside, a clipper I assume cruising past. An idyllic picture of how your life could be driving a Clipper! I’m sold.

Vintage 1953 Packard Clipper advedrt


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Flickr – DVS1mn – 51 Packard 300 ^ 52 Buick Special (11)” by Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA – 51 Packard 300 & 52 Buick Special. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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