Freeway Legends exists to showcase American cars, bikes and lifestyle content related to the era.

I’ve been a fan of American cars since I was a kid in the seventies and this is my way of paying respect to the vehicles and their owners. If it wasn’t for the dedication and passion of the owners of these vehicles people like me wouldn’t be able to enjoy them too.

I hope that the photographs and videos on this site inspire others to get involved and help keep these truly fabulous machines alive for generations to come.

If you see anything belonging to you on this site and want to add more pictures or history please get in touch and I’ll happily help out.

If you want your car featuring then please get in touch and I’ll see if we can work out a time and place or just send me the photos and specifications to jason at freewaylegends.com, (there is no charge for that!).



Jason Brooks – Editor

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