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Sorry if we may have upset you in any way

Freeway Legends exists to promote the American classic and custom automobile community.

We do not intend to invade privacy or contribute to any situation that may be aggravated by your vehicle being featured on our website or our other web content sharing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Unfortunately, we do not have time to track down every owner before we publish content and we work on the basis that as the owner of a beautiful vehicle and being present at a ‘show’, we assume that you are proud to display your vehicle, both on and offline.

We spend time and money taking photographs, editing them and adding them to our website and other social media for everyone’s benefit. But if for some reason you do not want your vehicle on our website and social media, do not hesitate to get in touch to request the images be removed via the email address below:

Or use our contact form 

Once again, our sincere apologies if we have offended you in any way.

Jason Brooks


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